Miami 500: victory and four podiums for Ginetta USA

Miami 500: victory and four podiums for Ginetta USA

Brazilian duo Adolpho Rossi and Bruno Leme took victory in the Miami 500 race for the MP-4A division at Homestead last Sunday (November 29th).

The meeting, which marked the start for the 2015/2016 season, is one of the most important of the FARA season, and also marked the end of most successful season for the only 100% Brazilian team to compete in endurance races in Florida.

The MP-4A is well known by the Ginetta Team USA, as driver Alline Cipriani became two-time champion in 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 for that squad, underlining the strength of the British models Ginetta within that class.

“Our most successful year could not finish in a better way”, said Rossi, who is also the team principal. “Throughout the season, we achieved good results in almost all races. Now we have started the 2015/2016 season in a similar fashion. I can only thank to all members of our team for the fantastic job.”

The Miami 500 yielded a further three podiums to the Team Ginetta USA, as the Brazilian squad conquered top position in all classes it had entered.  Entered in not one but two classes, Brazilian driver Elias Azevedo finished the most difficult race of the year in second and third positions in the MP-1B.

Having Gustavo Martins as his partner, Azevedo crossed the finish line in second and also shared the trophy for third place with fellow countryman Fernando Fortes – who raced for the first time outside Brazil. Along with Alline Cipriani and Adolpho Rossi, Azevedo showed the way to other Brazilians who wished to compete in the Miami 500 in 2012. He celebrated his double podium after many races away from the cockpit of a Ginetta in the USA.

“Throughout 2015 I mainly focused on Brazilian races, but the Miami 500 is very special and thus I decided to race with the Ginetta team. Three years ago we got the first podium of a Brazilian team in the FARA, that time racing a Lotus.

“Fernando and I were able to work a fantastic partnership. Our synergy was amazing and it is great when the work flows so naturally among the drivers of a same car. I believe that contributed very much to our efforts and got us to the podium today”, said Azevedo.

The most surprising result reached by the Team Ginetta USA was achieved in the MP-2A division in which Alline Cipriani and Ramon Alcaraz shared the wheel of a G50 model. In his debut with that car and after having clinched her second title in the FARA with the G40 model, Alline went to the podium in third position.

“The first time with a new car is always full of anticipation for a driver, but I tried to focus only in knowing the G50 model and let the performance grow naturally. I also debuted in the Brazilian Mercedes-Benz Challenge in 2015 – using the same approach. My partner was very competitive and I believe we formed a strong duo”, commented Cipriani.

Racing driver and team principal Adolpho Rossi celebrated the best season so far for Team Ginetta USA – and promised to disclose great news shortly. “With the Homestead race we completed a winning season. We got to the podium in every race we took part this weekend and along the year we became champions in all series we competed. 2015 really is a year to be remembered by our team”, said Rossi.

FARA’s 2015/2016 season will take a break after the Miami 500. The series will be back on track next February with the Homestead 200, a race which uses curves number 3 and 4 of the oval track used by IndyCars and Nascar.