Christopher Zeuner's Diary Of A G55 In Le Most 6 Hours

Christopher Zeuner

Wednesday 9th September

20.45 - Was in Paris for work and landed late.  Oh well, I'll drive to the track tomorrow morning early.  Drivers briefing is 09.30 so I'll have plenty of time for the one hour drive there in the morning.

Thursday 10th September

06.30 - Get up, quick shower and breakfast and off to the track.  Pleased I packed everything before the Paris trip.

08.30 - Arrive at the track - a foggy morning has turned sunny, but some rain is forecast for the afternoon.  Driving today with a father and son combination - Jurek Franek, by regular partner for this season and his son, Jakub.

10.15 - Driver briefing done and we are second on the grid for the rolling start.  I will drive first and third seats, Jakub second seat and Jurek the fourth seat.  Each stint should be 1 hour 30 mins.

12.30 - Done my first stint.  Started P2 and still second now, but there was a position change during the stint.  Re-fuelling went better this time.  It’s tricky at Most as the splitter on the Ginetta G55 scrapes a bit at the refuelling station.  Times are not my best but OK so far.  Consistent at least.

13.40 - Rain has come. We are P1.  My stint has arrived early.  Re-fuel, wets on and in I get.  Got to dash.

15.30 - That was awesome!  1 hour 50 in the G55, rain and sun, really mixed weather.  Track very tricky and some drivers are struggling.  The G55 is awesome in the wet though (I wish I could say it was my driving, but the car deserves the most credit.).    Shoed with Michelin wets (27/65-18 on the rear and 24/64 - 18 on the front), the car is great under braking.  A few scary moments when I took too much kerb, but pleased to report delivering the car to Jurek at the end my stint in P1 with a 4 lap lead.  He's the quickest driver so fingers crossed. But let's not count our chickens and all that.

16.10 - Jurek is still in.  Rain has stopped, sun is out, but track still wet.  His times are the best from the Kumiega Racing team so far today in the wet.

16.30 - The sun is out and track is drying out.  Change to slicks to stay on wets?  A chat to Jurek on the radio and he says he will try and keep the tyres cool and finish the next 30 mins on the wets.  We now have a five lap lead, so could manage a change if needed, but still a few clouds about, so wets it is for now.

16.47 - Still P1, five lap lead. Fingers crossed for our second top podium in a row at Le Series.  The G55 has run faultlessly.  Don't want to jinx anything though….

17.00 - We take the chequered flag in P1!


Friday 11th September

It's the day after the race.  Sitting in the cockpit of the G55 is definitely preferred to sitting at my desk, but that's life.  We cannot all have the life of Mike Simpson!  The second race win in a row puts us and the G55 in a great position to win the season if we do well in the Le Series 8 Hours in Brno in October.  To win the series in the first season with the car would be fantastic, and is definitely our goal.